​Increasing the Output in Wear Protection & Decorative Coating

1h 00m

​Influences of vacuum as a major part of the coating system

What is the webinar about?

Wear protection coating (thin layers of specific materials) can be used to change the characteristics or design of metal or plastic parts. For example, protected workpieces can be used for faster drilling and milling. Thus results in an extension of service life and thus high economic benefit.  In our webinar we want to show the coater of the components, i.e. the plant operators, how to get the best coating result for his application.  Vacuum is required for this purpose to be able to carry out this process at all. Why we need vacuum:

  • Low pressure (vacuum) ensures that the target atoms reach the substrate without colliding with gas particles 

  • Selection of the appropriate vacuum technology to the process flow(vacuum and temperature) to ensure that the substrate will reach and stick on the target. 

  • Eliminate particles in the process that the coating is not affected by other substances 

The vacuum application is thus the heart of the coating system. An optimally designed vacuum system contributes to the fact that maximum batches can be run, that the process is redundant, that the maintenance of the individual components is at a minimum.


Jonas DobnerApplication Manager

Yannick MayApplication Engineer

Dr. Klaus DeutscherApplication Engineer

Who should attend?

This webinar is created for engineers involved in industrial and decorative coatings.