Leak Test Module: From Your Request to a Customized Solution

1h 00m

​​What are the advantages of an automated and customized Leak Test Module? Explained in theory and with a real-world case study.​

What is the webinar about?

In an era of constantly increasing quality standards and stringent regulations, the need for reliable and reproducible leak testing solutions has become more important than ever. Especially in industrial and production environments one size no longer fits all - each product has its own set of tightness requirements, demanding customized testing solutions to achieve fastest cycle times. This is where the synergy between leak detection technologies and system design becomes essential.   

During this webinar we will:  

  • Analyze the development of an automated and customized leak test module based on a test sample   

  • Derive the correct test method and select the necessary vacuum components to achieve short cycle times   

  • Present examples from different leak test applications  

Join us for 45 minutes and dive into this real-world case study that represents the challenges and requirements of the industry in its need for leak tight products. Whether you are an engineer, a quality assurance professional, or simply fascinated by the intersection of technology and precision, this webinar promises to expand your horizons and provide actionable insights. 


Jonas KlösMarket Manager Industrial Leak Testing

Dr. Rene WutzlerProject Manager Vacuum Systems​

Who should attend?

This webinar is created for all those who have some prior knowledge in leak detection and work as an engineer or quality assurance professional in this field.