Take a Sniff on How to Find Leaks

1h 00m

Oops, a leak in my product? Find out how to localize a leak by using the sniffing method - explained in theory and with best practice demonstrations.

What is the webinar about?

Oops, a leak in my product? How can I go from a pressure deviation which indicates the leak to finding the leak? In many industries like automotive, HVAC-R, technical gases, heat pump manufacturing or hydrogen economy, finding the leak is key for taking corrective actions.

In our seminar we will introduce the potential methods for locating leaks and discuss the pros and cons of the respective methods. We will also have a look at the most frequently used tracer gases helium and hydrogen and compare each of them.

To reinforce the theoretical methods, we will conduct a demonstration in our leak detection laboratory. There we will show you how parameters like distance and sniffer probe velocity can influence the results. Our experts will show you their best practices in live demonstrations of typical applications.

Who should attend?

The webinar is aimed at all those who work for quality assurance and in the field of leak detection.


Dennis HarderMarket Manager Industrial Leak Testing

Dr. Rudolf KonwitschnyLeak Detection Expert