Vacuum Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers

1h 30m

​Vacuum fundamentals – principles, pumping, troubleshooting, maintenance, and tips for rookies!

What is the webinar about?

​Are you new to the world of vacuum technology? Are you a graduate student, post-doc, or technician working with vacuum equipment in the lab? Do you need to brush up on your vacuum fundamentals?  
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, please join Pfeiffer Vacuum for this webinar on Vacuum Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers! This webinar will provide a practical primer on vacuum principles, an overview of vacuum pumping and measurement technologies, troubleshooting and maintenance of vacuum equipment, and tips and tricks to keep your vacuum systems running smoothly.


Ian MallochMarket Manager R&D​

Who should attend?

Made for students, post-docs or lab technicians, simply anyone new to the vacuum world or looking to brush up on dusty knowledge.