Single-stage oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps

Single-stage rotary vane pumps for mass spectrometry, coating, research and more. Efficient, reliable and versatile. Optimize your vacuum requirements.

Quiet and compact rotary vane pumps

for use in the laboratory

Discover our single-stage rotary vane pumps designed specifically for laboratory applications. These pumps offer outstanding performance, low noise and a compact design that integrates seamlessly into your laboratory systems. The single-stage rotary vane pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum have established themselves over the years as indispensable tools in the rough and fine vacuum range. With their long service life and pumping speed that is independent of the gas type, these pumps set standards in the industry.

Thanks to their outstanding performance and versatility, Pfeiffer Vacuum's single-stage rotary vane pumps are the optimal choice for a wide range of applications in different industries.

Our service offer for rotary vane pumps

The right single-stage rotary vane pump

especially for laboratory applications

Applications ranging from analytics (such as mass spectrometry and electron microscopy) to coating technology (for surface protection, decorative coatings, displays and screens) to vacuum metallurgy (for vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering, vacuum alloys and furnace construction).

Pumping speed classes

New Revolutionary Vacuum Pump for Mass Spectrometers

Discover the hermetically sealed rotary vane pump SmartVane


for mass spectrometry

The SmartVane is the first of its kind, a rotary vane pump for mass spectrometry with a hermetically sealed pump housing. With this breakthrough innovation, we eliminate the main cause of oil leakage - the need for conventional shaft seals. The SmartVane combines proven rotary vane pump technology with a revolutionary sealed design. It is the ideal backing pump for mass spectrometers in the fields of environmental and food analysis as well as pharmaceutical and clinical analysis. The SmartVane not only provides a quiet working environment in the lab, but also allows for easy installation into existing systems and smooth integration with your system. This environmentally friendly and low-maintenance solution reduces the carbon footprint and offers maintenance intervals of up to two years.


  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)

  • Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

  • Backing pump for turbopumps



The efficient entry-level solutions

The UnoLine offers very low ultimate pressure compared to other single-stage rotary vane pumps. The compact Uno 6 and Uno 6 M require minimal space and are easy to integrate into existing systems, thanks to their UL and IEC 61010 certification. With an optional single-phase universal motor, these pumps offer near-global network coverage. The Uno 6 M is available with a magnetic coupling, which minimizes maintenance requirements.


Pascal 1015 SD (15 m3/h)

The quiet and powerful choice

The Pascal 1015 SD with oil lubrication is ideal for high gas throughput applications in analytics and industry. This pump features low noise levels and is perfect for laboratory applications. With a single-phase universal motor, it offers worldwide network coverage and has adjustable inlet and outlet ports in horizontal or vertical orientation for easy integration into your system.

Pascal 1015 SDarrow_forward

Rotary vane pumps

with high water vapor and dust tolerance

Our HenaLine series is the answer to a wide range of requirements in industry and coating technology. With an impressive pumping speed of 25 to 760 m3/h, these pumps can handle almost any challenge. Whether in electron beam welding, lithium-ion battery production, surface coating or metallurgy - the HenaLine series is versatile and offers our customers numerous advantages. With low operating costs, maximum reliability and an impressive service life, they are the perfect choice for demanding industrial applications.

For processes with a particularly high content of condensable vapors or large quantities of dust, we recommend our UnoLine Plus. These pumps shine with an extremely low final pressure compared to other single-stage rotary vane pumps and are particularly process-suitable thanks to their temperature control and integrated oil regeneration device for steam applications. The best part? The unrivaled long maintenance intervals, made possible by the separate lubrication of bearings and pump chamber, ensuring high availability and efficiency in your industrial application.


The versatile rotary vane pumps

Our HenaLine is a versatile range of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps suitable for both industrial applications and research & development. With integrated oil mist separator, the exhaust air remains clean and oil-free. The HenaLine offers an impressive range of pumping speeds from 25 to 760 m3/h and is available in various versions, including the basic version for maximum availability and operational reliability and the K-version, which can directly accommodate OktaLine and HiLobe Roots pumps. Thanks to its efficiency and safety features, the HenaLine is suitable for industrial applications such as electron beam welding, lithium-ion batteries, surface coating, vacuum drying and degassing, leak detection, metallurgy and more. In research & development, it is used in simulation chambers, coating and wear protection.

single-stage rotary vane pump for low and medium vacuum

HenaLine single-stage rotary vane pump for low and medium vacuum range

UnoLine Plus

for the toughest industrial applications

The UnoLine Plus is the powerhouse for industrial vacuum applications and has proven itself both as a stand-alone pump and as a backing pump for Pfeiffer Vacuum Roots pumps. This water-cooled rotary vane pump is extremely insensitive to dust and dirt and features an oil regeneration device as well as a gas ballast device. It is perfect for applications such as transformer drying, cable drying, oil treatment, metallurgy, coating and chemical and process engineering. With its robustness, durability and maximum process suitability, the UnoLine Plus offers low operating costs, maximum reliability and maximum service life. It enables optimal process adaptation through an adjustable cooling water controller and is perfectly temperature controllable. This pump combines strength and efficiency for the toughest industrial challenges.

Our pumps feature high efficiency, cost-effective operation and worldwide network coverage. Whether you need a powerful backing pump for mass spectrometers, a versatile solution for your industrial applications, or a compact pump for the lab, we have the right solution for you. Rely on our proven technology to meet your vacuum requirements and optimize your processes.

UnoLine Plus BA 251