Service Request

Do you have a technical question and you need support? Do you want a service offer or would like to take advantage of a specific service? Then please use the following form. Your request will be sent to the responsible service center in your country/region.

For a quick and smooth service process, we recommend the following steps:

1. Fill out the online service request

  • Your request will be sent to the competent Service Center in your country/region.

  • A copy of your request and a ticket number will be emailed to you.

2. You will receive feedback from your local Pfeiffer Vacuum Service Center

Please remember to print out the declaration of contamination, sign it and return it to Pfeiffer Vacuum.
You will receive the pre-filled declaration by email after submitting the online service request.

In addition, please follow the steps below:

3. Prepare the product for safe transport according to the specifications from the declaration on contamination

4. Attach the Declaration of Contamination on the outside of the shipping box

5. Next, send your product to your local Service Center (you will receive the shipping address by email).

6. You will receive response from Pfeiffer Vacuum