Duo 11 ATEX


펌핑 속도가 최대 10.5 m3/h인 2단 로터리 베인 펌프

Pfeiffer Vacuum has developed the Duo 11 ATEX rotary vane pump especially for processes that take place in explosive environments or for evacuating explosive gases and vapors. It is certified in accordance with ATEX directive 2014/34/EU and meets the high requirements for explosion protection. The ATEX certification is valid for the interior and exterior of the pump. The pump corresponds to equipment category 3G and temperature class T4. All gases up to explosive group IIC can be pumped.

Magnetically coupled

The pumping speed is 9 m³/h at 50 Hz and 10.5 m³/h at 60 Hz. The Duo 11 ATEX is equipped with a frictionless magnetic coupling. Thus, the shaft seals that are usually installed in rotary vane pumps can be omitted. The magnetic coupling provides additional safety that is particularly important when the pump is used in potentially explosive atmospheres: No gases can leak through defective seals from the interior of the pump to the exterior.


For the operation of the pump, the terms of the operating instructions apply. We are pleased to provide you with the right solution for your specific application!

Customer benefits

  • Installation without additional flame arresters possible
  • Pump is hermetically sealed – no zone entrainment of explosive gases
  • Explosion proof internally and externally – flexible operation
  • Ex-proof three-phase motor with low noise and vibration
  • Most compact pump in class for easy integration



  • Mass spectrometry
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Gas handling
  • Biotechnology


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