Vacuum Technology Book, Volume II

7.5 Industrial leak testing

Customer-specific leak detectors are frequently used for wide ranging applications in the automotive industry, the energy sector, the packaging industry, refrigeration and air conditioning technology as well as many other applications. The systems are equally suitable for integrating in a production line or for use in a single testing station. They achieve high throughput with a minimum of test gas consumption and are also flexible units for pre-series development and large-volume serial test.

It is often worth considering using customer-specific test gas recovery systems, as these can save both resources and costs.

Pfeiffer Vacuum supplies all leak detection and vacuum technology components required for building these systems. Our applications team is also pleased to support you with preliminary testing, conceptual design and feasibility analysis for your particular requirements. We have built up a network of partners who manufacture these systems and would be pleased to recommend suitable experts to contact in this sector.

You can rest assured that we will continue to support you with servicing and retrofitting projects for all Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detection systems manufactured up until 2016.

Please refer to the system service section for more information on this.

Example of a former Pfeiffer Vacuum leak testing unit for refrigerant hoses

Figure 7.10: Example of a former Pfeiffer Vacuum leak testing unit for refrigerant hoses

Example of a helium recovery system

Figure 7.11: Example of a helium recovery system