7.4 Portfolio overview

The portfolio of mass spectrometers and gas analyzers is described in chapter 6.

Pfeiffer Vacuum has the widest range of helium leak detectors. An overview is given in Table 7.4.

  Quartz window sensor Sector field MS Vacuum methods Sniffing methods Test leak integrated
ASM 310
ASM 340
High performance
ASM 182T
ASM 182 TD+
ASM 380
ASM 192T
ASM 192T2D+
ASM 1002
ASI 30
ASM 102S

Table 7.4: Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detectors

The extensive portfolio allows units that are specially designed for the particular application to be selected. The most important characteristics are:

  • MiniTest: Localizing leak detection in vacuum systems, even at absolute pressures of up to 200 hPa and high water vapor exposure. With a weight of only 5 kg and wireless remote control with a wide radius the ideal solution for detecting leaks in large vacuum systems with only one operator.
  • ASM 310: The smallest and lightest leak detector for vacuum and sniffer testing with a full-fledged integrated pump system. Excellent detection sensitivity due to mass spectrometric detector.
  • ASM 340: The newest Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detector incorporating the combined experience of all our production sites. Powerful pump system and downward compatibility with the ASM and HLT series of leak detectors make it the most all-round leak detector.
  • ASM 182 series: Equipped with a powerful pump system, these are the ideal choice for sensitive quantitative leak detection in an industrial environment or in large-volume vacuum systems.
  • ASM 380: Developed specifically for the semiconductor industry and coating systems. The slim design make it mobile and maneuverable even in narrow aisles between production machinery. The high helium pumping speed provides unrivaled sensitivity even if used with auxiliary pumps and the oil-free and particle-free backing pump make it suitable for cleanroom use.
  • ASM 192 series: These console units for stationary use are ideal for sensitive leak detection in large- volume components.
  • ASM 1002: The workstation for testing both open and enclosed components. The ASM 1002 is the perfect choice for testing small, hermetically sealed components. Its straightforward handling make it user-friendly and allow visual signal recognition on a traffic light principle.
  • ASI 30: Modular leak detectors for integration in leak detector systems. Thanks to its wide range of interfaces it can be controlled with a variety of signals and it can be used as a replacement for any other brand of existing leak detector modules.
  • ASM 102 S: Pure sniffer leak detector in a portable 19" casing. The ASM 102 S is designed for mobile sniffer leak detection such as in the aerospace industry or pipeline construction.