3.6.2 Angle valves

Angle valves are characterized by a high tightness, they are robust, suitable for industrial applications and resistant to dirt. The inlet and outlet flange are orthogonally aligned to one another on the aluminum or stainless steel housing. Figure 3.21 shows the design of a bellows-sealed angle valve. A trapezoidal or O-ring-shaped elastomer seal is located on the valve plate. The valve plate is forced against the valve seat to close the valve. Since the mechanical activation elements are located outside the vacuum range, they can be lubricated without any problem. Angle valves are available with all common flange types and are available in hand-operated, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and solenoid actuated designs.

For UHV applications there are hermetically sealed valve housing and valve seat seals made of FKM or copper (all-metal designs).

Bellows-sealed angle valve

Figure 3.21: Bellows-sealed angle valve