Vacuum Technology Book, Volume II

4.3.3 Portfolio overview

Diaphragm pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum differ in terms of their ultimate pressure, pumping speed and their suitability for pumping corrosive gases. The pumping speeds of the pumps are between 3 and 160 l · min-1 (0.25 to 9.6 m3· h-1). Ultimate pressures of less than 4 hPa for two-stage pumps and less than 0.5 hPa for four-stage pumps can be attained. Their pumping speed and the attainable final pressure depend on the mains frequency.

Corrosive gas pump models with coated diaphragms and corrosion-resistant housings are available for pumping corrosive gases.

The designations for the pumps are selected in such a manner as to indicate the pumping speed in l · min-1 and the number of pumping stages. Corrosive gas pumps have the letter C as a suffix to the model designation.