4.7.4 Accessories

Splinter shield inserts are offered as accessories for all OktaLine series Roots pumps.

The following oils for lubricating the gearing and the bearings are available as lubricants (Table 4.11):

  • Mineral oil P3 (in 0.5 l to 200 l containers)
  • Perfluoropolyether F5 (in 0.5 l to 50 l containers)
  • Diester oil D1 (in 0.5 l to 200 l containers)

Caution: Different kinds of oil should not be mixed. The pumps are prepared at delivery for one of these types of oil.

Since many Roots pumps are installed in pump combinations, it is possible to integrate the following accessories on an as-needed basis:

  • Electrical controllers
  • Measuring instrumentation for temperature and pressure
  • Pressure regulation systems
  • Heat exchangers and condensers
  • Soundproofing encapsulation for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Silencers
  • Dust separators
  • Flushing devices
  • Vibration isolation
  • Liquid separators
  • Gear chamber evacuation
  • Sealing gas supply

Measurement connections

In the case of many Roots pumps, it is possible to use the measurement connections on the inlet and pressure sides of the pump. To do this, the existing locking screws can be replaced with small ISO KF flange unions. This enables appropriate temperature sensors and pressure sensors to be connected for monitoring the pump.

Sealing gas connection

When pumping solvents or reactive gases, the risk exists that the lubricant will be significantly diluted as a result of condensation. Reactive gases or vapors can also attack parts of the gear chamber. For the most part, this risk can be avoided by admitting a sealing gas in the area of the shaft feedthrough between working space and gear chamber. Inert gases, mostly nitrogen (N2), are used as the sealing gas.

Gear chamber evacuation

In the case of all processes in which large Roots vacuum pumping stations must reach certain pressures in short cycle times (fast evacuation), it is practical to pump down the gear chambers of a Roots pump via an oil separator, by means of a separate vacuum pump in each chamber. This prevents gas from flowing out of the gear chamber and into the suction chamber, thus enabling the desired working pressure to be reached faster. The desired working pressure will determine whether it is possible to connect the gear chamber toward the backing-vacuum side of the Roots pump.

Flushing devices

A flushing device can be used for processes in which deposits form in the suction chambers. The design of this device will be coordinated individually with the customer on the basis of the specific requirements. The flushing device for standard pumps requires the use of sealing gas to prevent the flushing liquid from reaching the bearings or gear chambers.

Surface protection

If the media to be pumped down are corrosive, components that come into contact with the product can be provided with durable surface protection. The plasma-polymer thin-layer system consists of a bonding agent layer, a corrosion-protection layer and a non-stick coating. The thickness of the layer is less than 1 mm. Upon request, the suction chamber can be phosphated, vented with nitrogen and vacuum sealed in order to provide short-term surface protection, e. g. for warehousing and shipment.


Roots vacuum pumps come factory-equipped with O-rings made of FKM. For special applications, all pumps can be equipped with the specific O-rings or seals that are required for the respective application.