Standard pumps with magnetic coupling

The M series can be used for processes that place the most rigorous requirements on sealing and require the longest service intervals. For the most part, this series is identical to the standard series, however it is additionally characterized by a hermetically sealed magnetic coupling instead of radial shaft seal rings. This means that it is virtually wear-free in operation. The integral leakage rate of the pump is less than 1 · 10-6 Pa · m3 · s-1. This precludes the possibility of oil leaks, nor is there any exchange between the process gas and the environment. M series standard pumps are suitable for all applications shown in Table 4.19. In addition, however, these pumps can also be employed in industrial / chemical applications for pumping toxic gases, as well as for superclean gas applications: e.g. for CVD and PVD processes in the semiconductor industry or for evacuating load locks / transfer chambers and for the production of flat screens. The M series is available in sizes that range from 250 m3 · h-1 to 6,000 m3 · h-1.