Vacuum Technology Book, Volume II Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps


HenaLine single-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps generate a vacuum with pumping speeds of 25 to 1,920 m3 · h-1 with an ultimate pressure down to 0.3 hPa. They can be universally employed in many industrial and research environments. They can either be operated as a stand-alone pump or integrated into pumping stations. With appropriate accessories, these pumps are also suitable for use under the harshest operating conditions, i. e. at high inlet pressures as well as in cycle-mode operation. Oil mist filters, oil return systems and vacuum safety valves are all integrated as standard equipment. In addition to preventing pollution of the ambient air, they also protect the pump and the system. A gas ballast valve enables water vapor and other process vapors to be pumped down.

UnoLine Plus

UnoLine Plus pumps can be utilized employed for industrial applications. These rotary vane vacuum pumps have proven track records as both stand-alone and backing pumps for Pfeiffer Vacuum Roots pumps. An ultimate pressure of approximately 6 · 10-2 hPa can be attained. These pumps are water cooled and extremely insensitive to dust and dirt. They are equipped with an oil regeneration system. Condensates, contaminants and dust particles can be separated from the operating fluid, collected in the vapor separator and drained. The adjustable cooling water controller enables the UnoLine Plus pumps to maintain the required operating temperature. These pumps are equipped with gas ballast in order to pump down vapors.

Model Pumping speed Ultimate pressure Applications
Hena 25 25 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa Electron beam welding, incandescent light bulb manufacturing, surface coating, vacuum drying, leak detection, metallurgy, gas recovery, load lock applications, simulation chambers
Hena 40 40 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 60 63 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 100 100 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 200 200 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 250 250 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 300 300 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 400 400 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 630 630 m³ · h-1 0.3 hPa
Hena 1000 1,000 m³ · h-1 1.0 hPa
Hena 1600 1,920 m³ · h-1 0.7 hPa

Table 4.1: HenaLine performance data (all data refer to 50 Hz operation)

UnoLine Plus
Model Pumping speed Ultimate pressure Applications
BA 251 250 m³ · h-1 5 · 10-2 hPa Suitable for all industrial applications, e. g. metallurgy, transformer drying, coating, chemistry
BA 501 500 m³ · h-1 6 · 10-2 hPa

Table 4.2: UnoLine Plus performance data (all data refer to 50 Hz operation)