Drives and accessories

A variety of controls, displays and drives are available for operating turbopumps in different applications as well as extensive accessories.

The numbering used below is based upon Figure 4.31.

Turbopumps (1a) are generally equipped with an attached drive (1b). The DC power supply comes, for example, from a plug-in power supply module (2a) with a display control unit (2b). Built-in power supply units are also available. A USB converter (5b) can also be used to connect a PC (5a) to the RS-485 interface in order to execute programming and switching functions or to transfer status displays. Profibus DP and DeviceNet converters allow the pumps to be linked to system controllers. The major switching functions can also be executed via a remote control plug using external signals. Moreover, some status displays can be taken from relay outputs.

In addition to the operating devices, various accessories are also available for special applications.

Some DCU power supply units enable a vacuum gauge to be connected in order to show the pressure as well as information on the turbopump.

With the aid of the backing pump relay box (6) the DCU power supply (2a) can be converted to a pumping station controller that can switch on both turbopump (1a) and backing pump simultaneously.

Either a fan (4), or water cooling (3) for high gas loads, can be attached to cool the pumps.

Example of turbopump accessories (for HiPace

Figure 4.31: Example of turbopump accessories (for HiPace 300)

An electric vent valve (8) vents the turbopumps if the RPM declines below a given speed. In the event of a brief power failure, the vent valve will remain closed to maintain the vacuum. The pumping station will then re-start immediately when mains voltage is restored. However this necessitates a backing pump with a safety valve that will close automatically in the event of a power failure.

For UHV applications, a heater (9) can be connected to the pump that switches on automatically after a preselected rotation speed is attained, and switches off when the rpm decreases.

Electromagnetic sealing gas valves (7b) with matching throughputs, as well as sealing gas throttles (7a) for pumps of various sizes, are available for corrosive gas pumps.

Please refer to Chapter 3.1 Turbopumps in our product catalog for further details.