Modular Leak Detector ASI 35 - Pfeiffer Vacuum

Modular Leak Detectors

The ASI 35 is extremely flexible and easy to integrate into leak detection systems. Its components can be placed strategically to obtain the full leak detection benefits from the system: precise and repeatable results under any leak test conditions.
  • High helium pumping speed for optimized response time
  • Low maintenance for a maximum production uptime
  • Ease of installation with just a 2 cables hookup (cable lengths to be chosen in the order matrix)
  • Complete range of interfaces available, allowing data acquisition and complete external control of the system
  • Optional control panel allowing intuitive settings
  • Password protection of the software menu to prevent from unintended use
  • Universal voltage to be easily operated anywhere in the world

The modular leak detector for easy and quick integration into industrial leak detection systems provides you with high performance, reliable and repeatable testing.

Leak Detectors for Industrial Leak Detection Systems
Modular leak detectors were designed for integration into industrial leak detector systems. They can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of leak detection applications and environments in the production of electrical and mechanical parts, such as for the automotive industry, and in evaporator and compressor production for refrigeration and air conditioning.
The modular design and small footprint of the ASI 35 enables it to be easily integrated into existing systems. A particular feature is the leak detector's ease of use. Its high reliability and short maintenance times are crucial for avoiding production downtimes and quality problems.

The ASI 35: flexible and reliable
The ASI 35 modular leak detector is specially adapted to meet the requirements of machine builders, system integrators and their end users. The modular design of this leak detector allows it to be integrated flexibly and easily into leak detection systems. The vacuum module with its analyzer cell and calibrated test leak can be installed in any position. The electronic module and the optional control panel are ready for inserting in half 19" racks. They can be fitted in any part of the system or in a cabinet under controlled environmental conditions. The leak detector can be controlled without a control panel simply through a PC or PLC as it has a wide range of interfaces and complies with all industrial standards. The rugged design of the ASI 35 ensures long-term maximum availability of the unit under production conditions.

Customer benefits

  • Integral and localizing test (vacuum and sniffing) for both tracer gases: helium and hydrogen
  • Short cycle times due to highest pumping speed
  • Maximum reliability and robustness for high uptime
  • Wide temperature range allows for operation in challenging environments
  • Worldwide operation thanks to universal voltage of the electronic module
  • Ability to sustain up to 800 sccm flow in sniffing applications
  • Easy substitution of any other modular leak detector model (I/O compatibility mode)


  • Automotive: airbag inflators and ignitors, cooling radiators, fuel rails, and injectors
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning: evaporators, compressors, tubes, coils
  • Packaging: cans and capsules, tubular bags, blisters
  • Mechanical parts: valves, fittings, manifolds
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