Leak Detectors for mobile maintenance applications

Portable Leak Detectors

Superior performance, light weight and universal voltage enables the ASM 310 to be easily operated at any location.
  • Oil free pumping system, roughing capacity 1.7 m3/h
  • Ultralight, only 21 kg (46 lbs) and easy to move
  • Smart design with retractable handle
  • Can be operated in any position: horizontally or vertically
  • Detachable control panel, with magnets enabling it to be positioned on a metallic support
  • Storage capabilities (bitmap or text files) for an easy post-processing of leak test results
  • Large bright color touchscreen with graphics functionality
  • Intuitive and customizable menu

Leak Detector for mobile maintenance applications

The portable leak detector ASM 310 by Pfeiffer Vacuum is the ideal solution for leak detection in maintenance applications thanks to its compact size and lightweight design.

The ASM 310 is our answer to any demands of maintenance work where mobility plays a crucial role. With these applications in mind, it is important that the leak detector used is compact, lightweight and portable. Our ASM 310 portable leak detector, weighing in at 21 kg, is more than 50 % lighter than conventional units. Its universal mains connection allows it to be used in any part of the world. A dedicated trolley for enhanced mobility and a transport box are available as accessories to even allow the unit to be taken on a plane, typically when leak detection jobs are carried out by service engineers who are called upon to work all over the world.

Innovative technologies are what distinguish our leak detector. The ASM 310 is equipped with high resolution graphic color display and is easy to operate from a detachable control panel or from a distance using a remote control. The menu navigation is user-friendly and easy to operate.

The ASM 310 leak detector: compact design and high performance

The ASM 310 portable leak detector stands out particularly due to its smart design with a retractable handle and its small footprint. At only 21 kg it is still a complete tracer gas leak detector unit, it has the same detector technology and offers the same level of sensitivity as larger models. Thanks to the clean, oil-free pumping system, the ASM 310 is the right choice for leak detection in systems which do not tolerate any contamination. It provides high performance in leak testing where mobility is crucial. The ASM 310 can be operated in any position.

portable leak detector ASM 310

he intuitive menu can be individually adapted and protected with a password. This prevents unauthorized changes from being made to the settings. Thanks to the high capacity of its internal memory, the ASM 310 has data recording capability for test results through images or text files. In addition, data, test configurations and operating parameters can be downloaded or transferred to other devices using a dedicated USB port.

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