The ASM 102 S: dry, portable and flexible


The sniffer helium leak detector ASM 102 S is ideally designed to answer any portability leak testing needs. Very flexible, it can be operated in any direction or angle to ease your leak detection process in congested areas with limited access.
  • The perfect unit for maintenance application of under pressure systems
  • Portable sniffer leak detector, with only 18 kg
  • Easy operation
  • Various languages and operating voltages available for global use
  • A specific hand held remote control is supplied with the leak detector, cable length to be chosen in the order matrix
  • A sniffer probe with 5 m hose length and rigid 9 cm nozzle (order number SNC1E1T1) is supplied with the leak detector

The sniffing leak detector ASM 102 S by Pfeiffer Vacuum locates even the smallest leaks accurately and fast.

Leak Detectors for localizing Leaks
Our ASM 102 S sniffing leak detector is the ideal solution for accurately locating minor leaks. These units have a wide measuring range from 0.1 ppm to up to 100 % Helium. With a detection limit of up to 1 x 10-8 Pa • m3/s leaks are detected accurately and fast. The leak detector is very easy to operate and even inexperienced users achieve reliable results. Delivery of important status messages by voice synthesizer and a remote control facility are additional features for the user's convenience.

The ASM 102 S: dry, portable and flexible
The dry ASM 102 S sniffing leak detector with its 18 kg lightweight design and small footprint is ideally suited for maintenance applications in restricted spaces or outdoors. This leak detector can be operated in any position, which considerably enhances its flexibility. Besides its voice synthesizer and remote control features, this unit has a sniffer probe with a 5 m long tube. Longer tubes can also be supplied upon request. The leak detector has an interior storage box which can accommodate the unit's entire accessories.

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