Stationary Leak Detectors ASM 1002


The ASM 1002 is designed to meet high leak test specifications of mass production for the leak test of either open or sealed components
  • Short time to test thanks to a powerful pumping package (20 m3/h fore pump and one or 2 pumps for backing (25 or 50 m3/h) combined with a specific turbo pump)
  • The fastest unit of its category: less than 5 seconds to achieve 1 · 10-9 hPa l/s in a mass production environment
  • Unique ergonomics for operator's comfort
  • Two tests methods: standard testing or specific Pass/Fail menu for semi-automatic testing with high throughput
  • Rugged and reliable unit to meet high volume production needs
  • Low maintenance required

Workstations for leak detection by Pfeiffer Vacuum are suitable for leak testing of components where high throughput is required.

Stationary Leak Detectors for routine testing
Workstations for leak detection are used when extremely short cycle times and fast reduction of helium background are required. The leak detectors were developed for leak testing of open or enclosed components in mass production. Applications include high-volume testing of electronic components or applications in vacuum technology, medicine or research and development requiring a high throughput.

The ASM 1002 for high-performance and extremely low detection limits
The ASM 1002 leak detector combines high performance with user-friendliness. The powerful vacuum system delivers backing capacity up to 50 m³/h and guarantees fast reduction of helium background between measurements. These performance characteristics along with its reliability and long-term stability make the ASM 1002 the ideal solution for even the most demanding applications such as leakage testing of pacemakers.

The user-friendly workstation ASM 1002
The ergonomic design of the ASM 1002 stationary leak detector provides ideal conditions for seated operators. The unit's software supports the user during the testing of enclosed components after a bombing test as well as during leakage testing of open components. Clear optical and acoustic displays make for easy and reliable operation of the workstation by experienced and semiskilled users alike.

The adaptable leak detector
The ASM 1002 enables fully automatic leak detection to be carried out on enclosed components. Testing starts as soon as the test chambers are closed and a traffic light signal (red / green) at the end of the test indicates the test result.
If necessary the test chambers can simply be exchanged for a standard vacuum flange or a part-specific holding fixture. This allows the same leak detector to be used for testing open components too.

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