Der ASM 1002: leistungsstark und für niedrigste Nachweisgrenzen

ASM 1002

The ASM 1002 is designed to meet high leak test specifications of mass production for the leak test of either open or sealed components

Product description

  • Short time to test thanks to a powerful pumping package (20 m3/h fore pump and one or 2 pumps for backing (25 or 50 m3/h) combined with a specific turbo pump)
  • The fastest unit of its category: less than 5 seconds to achieve 1 · 10-9 hPa l/s in a mass production environment
  • Unique ergonomics for operator's comfort
  • Two tests methods: standard testing or specific Pass/Fail menu for semi-automatic testing with high throughput
  • Rugged and reliable unit to meet high volume production needs
  • Low maintenance required


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