Leak Testing with Air

Core strengths

The Micro-Flow and Mass Extraction technologies bring several benefits especially in comparison to other air leak testing technologies. The main advantages thereby are the speed of test and the low susceptibility against environmental changes. Furthermore, it has higher sensitivity and accuracy. Both methods are non destructive and give a quantitative test result. Daily calibration is not required.

Micro-Flow pressure test solutions

The Micro-Flow technology is an integrated micro sensor based on accelerated flow. As air leaks from the component or assembly under test, the air lost is replenished via the Micro-Flow sensor to maintain a constant pressure. The loss causes an electrical signal proportional to volumetric or mass flow. The Micro-Flow sensor operates with a pressure reservoir which is used to pressurize the unit-under-test (UUT) and has a sensitivity of 5 · 10-4 mbar · l/s. Often only simple fixtures are required for this type of testing method.

Mass Extraction vacuum test solutions

The Mass Extraction technique is a special way of using the Micro-flow sensor. The basic principle is based on a rarefied gas flow approach. In order to achieve a higher sensitivity, the test is performed under vacuum. With this approach a sensitivity of up to 6.7 · 10-7 mbar · l/s can be realized. This approach is particularly applicable for sealed packages, e.g. pharmaceutical CCI testing.

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