VE2 - High Sensitivity Leak Testing with Air in Vacuum

The Model VE2 is a popular mass extraction instrument with an additional built-in quick fill circuit for higher throughput, handling medium size parts with leak tightness from 1 · 10-4 sccs with air. It is offered for industrial applications as well as aseptic and cleanroom applications (stainless steel version). Its graphic display with real time signature graphs and touch screen make it very user friendly without risking the integrity of the test set up. It can be assigned an IP address enabling interface through your LAN.

Customer Benefits

  • Detection of leaks down to 1 · 10-4 sccs with air – high sensitivity
  • Automated pressure test circuit with balance and quick evacuation features – time saving
  • User friendly operator interface for stand-alone applications – simple test setup


  • Fuel fillers
  • Pouches
  • Valve
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