ACP 28

Product description

  • Oil-free multi-stage roots pumps of the ACP series, SD versions, with a max. pumping speed of 28 m3/h
  • No particle contamination, thanks to frictionless design: no wear parts in the path of the pumped gases
  • No backflow of hydrocarbon vapors: ACP series pumps are lubricant-free inside the pumping module
  • Constant performance (pumping speed, max. continuous inlet pressure and final pressure)
  • High reliability: thanks to our expertise with oil-free multi-stage roots pumps since 1988
  • Low maintenance costs: no annual field service, complete overhaul only every 22,000 hours for ACP 28/ 40
  • Condensable vapor ability: with gas ballast ports and drainable silencer. ACP series pumps can handle up to 1000 g/h of pure water vapor


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