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HiScroll – the Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

The Pfeiffer Vacuum HiScroll 6 offers a pumping speed of 6.1m³/h, paired with an excellent end pressure for dry-sealing vacuum pumps, and is universally suitable for a wide range of applications.
The Pfeiffer Vacuum HiScroll 12 offers a pumping speed of 12.1m³/h, paired with an excellent end pressure for dry-sealing vacuum pumps, and is universally suitable for a wide range of applications.
The Pfeiffer Vacuum HiScroll 18 offers a pumping speed of 18.1m³/h, paired with an excellent end pressure for dry-sealing vacuum pumps, and is universally suitable for a wide range of applications.
The large selection of accessories for the HiScroll line enables additional useful applications in numerous customer processes.

The HiScroll series consists of three dry scroll pumps with a nominal pumping speed of 6 – 20 m3/h. The pumps are characterized by their high performance when evacuating against atmosphere. Their powerful IPM1) synchronous motors with sensorless INFORM® control2) achieve up to 15 % higher efficiency compared to conventional drives. This enables highest performance at low operating temperature and helps to save electricity costs.

Lowest noise emission on the market

HiScroll pumps are extremely quiet at <47 dB[A] (<42 dB[A] in stand-by mode). Their low-vibration operation and compact design make them ideal for use in quiet and highly integrated working environments, such as on mass spectrometers, in research institutes or leak detection systems.

Intelligent control

The HiScroll‘s adaptive fan control provides optimal cooling in all operating conditions and reduces noise emissions. By using the optional integrated pressure sensor, maintenance cycles can be significantly extended as the intelligent pressure and speed control reduces energy consumption, wear and tear as well as noise emission.

HiScroll pumps can be easily connected via RS-485 or ProfiNet to e.g. turbopumps or display units as well as to a higher-level external control system.

The standardized AccessLink accessory ports allow the use of many optional accessories, which are automatically recognized by the HiScroll electronics. For more comfort and safety of our customers.

High safety

For safe use, the hermetically sealed HiScroll features a check valve. The two-stage gas ballast valve ensures high water vapor compatibility and enables individual process adaptation of the pump.

The proven quality of Pfeiffer Vacuum components assures a long service life. Pump maintenance is simple and enables short service times.

ATEX certification

HiScroll pumps are already certified to ATEX II 3/-G Ex h IIC T4 Gc X +5° C ≤ Ta ≤ +40 °C as standard. This means they can be used with internal explosion protection of equipment category 3G for Ex zone 2 with gas types IIC. These versions are only available without the optional integrated pressure sensor.

Customer benefits

  • Absolutely dry as well as oil-free vacuum pump
  • High comfort, low noise level, low vibration.
  • Optimal process
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Compact design adaptation
  • Safe operation
  • Explosion-proof ATEX design


  • Mass spectrometry
  • Accelerators
  • Laboratories
  • Leak detection
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Coating
  • Gas recovery
  • Vacuum drying

We drive sustainable solutions

Environmentally friendly

The use of novel IPM1) synchronous motors with sensorless INFORM® control2) in HiScroll pumps allows their power consumption to be significantly reduced despite high pumping performance. This not only results in lower operating costs for the user: the motor also achieves premium efficiency and significantly exceeds the minimum values of efficiency level IE3 as applicable to standard asynchronous motors. Everyone benefits from this.

In addition, significantly smaller product dimensions are achieved by using the new IPM motor technology.

Conserving resources

However, benefits for the environment are not limited exclusively to the pump‘s performance and installation dimensions. Our HiScroll already scores points in production through deliberate material savings. For example, less copper is used and advanced technologies mean that additional sensors are not required. The pump housing, like the hood and the housing of the electronics, is manufactured by casting, which avoids excessive production waste.

Even in the packaging, thought has been given to conserving resources: Weight-optimized and space-saving insulating materials effectively protect our HiScroll from transport damage while also ensuring optimized transport weight.


Last but not least, man and machine benefit equally from the use of state-of-the-art technologies: HiScroll series scroll pumps emit less waste heat and also have a longer service life thanks to innovative standby operation. They run extremely quietly and with low vibration, making their working environment safe and comfortable.

1 Interior Permanent Magnet
2 INFORM® method according to Prof. Schrödl

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