Leak Testing Services

Your challenges are our main task. Leak tests play an important role in our daily safety, environmental protection and the reliability of production processes and products of our daily life. From feasibility studies to contract leak testing, residual gas analyses or the development of test procedures, our worldwide application laboratories for leak testing technology offer a wide range of services. With our know-how and our broad product portfolio in the field of leak testing technology, we ensure that you overcome your specific leak testing challenge.

Leak testing services by Pfeiffer Vacuum

Our services at a glance

  • Feasibility / cycle-time studies
  • Feasibility studies for Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)
  • Contract leak testing
  • Residual gas analysis

Feasibility / cycle-time studies

In the course of a feasibility study we gain an understanding of the technical requirements of your product. This enables us to develop and apply a leak test procedure in industrial tightness control. This applies for new products prior to the market introduction or existing products with the need for cycle-time optimization. We work out an individual optimum solution for you to meet tightness requirements and respective regulations in detail.

  • Selection and validation of the suitable test method for each individual unit under test.
  • Multiple leak testing technologies and methods from a single source with informative comparisons related to the respective part.
  • A comprehensive feasibility study report that provides an overview of the test execution, results and recommendations for your specific application.
  • Cycle-time optimization to prepare industrial tightness control with minimized capital investment.
  • Gage R&R studies to prove high level of quality assurance right from the beginning of the product life cycle.


Feasibility study for Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)

Quality and effectiveness of drugs depends significantly on their prober packaging to maintain sterility throughout their lifetime. With a feasibility study we gain an understanding of your packaging and the CCIT capabilities. With our three CCIT-technologies we will confirm achievable detection limit and cycle time on your packaging.

  • With the help of three different technologies, our unique portfolio of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to perform studies on a variety of different containers.
  • Will provide you a deeper understanding of your product in terms of tightness.
  • Known good test samples, as well as positive control samples with known defects are used to simulate real leaks.
  • A comprehensive feasibility study report that provides an overview of the test execution, results and recommendations for your specific CCIT application.


Contract leak testing

When investment in leak testing instruments is not an economically meaningful expense, we are your choice by offering contract leak testing as a service.

  • Leak testing of individual parts or small series for which an own testing device would not be cost justifiable
  • Wide range of leak testing technologies and methods to cover all your specific needs
  • Detailed report with precise results from our laboratory


Residual gas analysis

Residual gas analysis in vacuum systems and tightness control with a wide range of tracer gases like air components or electrolytes. The results are transferred to you in a detailed protocol.

  • Qualitative detection of gas (1-200 u) for leak detection and outgassing measurements.
  • Quantitative measurement of leak and outgassing rates with multiple gases.
  • Correlation of sensitivities from well-characterized calibration masters with new media.
  • Determining and characterization of sources of contamination and impurities.

For more information about our leak testing technology and the test methods, which we cover, visit our leak detection website or our flyer.


Our application laboratories for leak testing services at a glance

Asslar (Germany)

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH
Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

Annecy (France)

Pfeiffer Vacuum SAS
Pfeiffer Vacuum SAS

Indianapolis (USA)

Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.
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