Two-Stage Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps

Quality and reliability for demanding applications in industry, analytics and research & development

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Their strengths: quality, performance and reliability

Two-stage rotary vane pumps can operate in the pressure range between 100 hPa and a pressure approximately one decade above the ultimate pressure. The DuoVane series has vacuum performance from 5 to 20 m3/h. Our DuoLine pumps cover a wide range of pumping speeds from 1.3 to 300 m3/h, while the Pascal series offers superior vacuum performance in the 5 to 21 m3/h range.

With their outstanding features, including a long service life and pumping speed independent of gas type, these pumps are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

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Powerful rotary vane pumps

For a wide range of applications

Our standard pumps, equipped with proven shaft seals and mineral oil filling, offer a reliable solution for your vacuum requirements. They are characterized by their space-saving design, which enables smooth integration into your systems. Despite their compact dimensions, they offer high pumping speed while achieving low ultimate pressure.

These two-stage rotary vane pumps are ideal as backing pumps for turbomolecular pumps, for generating insulation vacuum or for vacuum drying processes. Their performance and efficiency make them indispensable tools in various industrial and scientific applications.

Rotary vane pump DuoVane 22

The right two-stage rotary vane pump for your specific requirements

Applications are extremely diverse, ranging from analytics (including mass spectrometry and electron microscopy) and coating technology to medicine, pharmaceutical technology, vacuum metallurgy, leak detection technology, research facilities and the lighting industry.

Pumping speed classes

Functional principle of Duo 6 and Duo 6 M

Functional principle of Duo 6 and Duo 6 M by Pfeiffer Vacuum

Reliable vacuum generation without oil leaks

Our rotary vane pumps with magnetic coupling rely on innovative technology that eliminates oil leakage from shaft seals that are prone to wear. They are ideal for applications in analytical equipment, flywheel mass storage tanks and gas technology. With their compact design, they offer high pumping speed at low ultimate pressure. They also require little maintenance, as no regular replacement of shaft seals is necessary. This results in low operating costs, and the single-phase universal motor means they can be used worldwide. Our pumps with maintenance-free magnetic coupling are the reliable solution for efficient vacuum generation without oil leakage - in a compact format.

Cutaway model of a magnetically coupled rotary vane pump

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Safety in potentially explosive environments

Rotary vane pump Duo 11 M ATEX

Pfeiffer Vacuum has developed the Duo 11 ATEX rotary vane pump in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU specifically for processes in potentially explosive atmospheres or for conveying explosive gases and vapors. It satisfies the most stringent explosion protection requirements. The ATEX approval applies to both the indoor and outdoor areas of the pump. The pumps comply with equipment category 3G and temperature class T3. All gases up to and including explosion group IIC can be pumped.

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Quiet and low-vibration rotary vane pumps

Our rotary vane pumps of the Instrumentation series are perfectly suited for demanding, vibration-sensitive applications in analytics and industry. With a pressurized oil lubrication, they allow operation even at high gas flow rates and still impress with an amazingly low sound pressure level of only 49 dB(A). These pumps are used in areas such as load-lock applications, electron microscopy, sterilization and leak detection. They are space-saving, offer high pumping speed with small dimensions, low ultimate pressure and are extremely reliable in operation. Their quiet operation makes them ideal for laboratories and similar environments, and they offer flexible integration with adjustable inlet and outlet ports.

Rotary vane pump Pascal 2021

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Rotary vane pumps for corrosive applications

Available in different versions

Our special corrosive versions offer a space-saving and easy-to-integrate solution for processes requiring protection in demanding applications with corrosive gases. Compact, powerful and reliable, they are the ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

Corrosive version with mineral oil

These pumps are ideal for operation in corrosive environments and allow low operating costs due to the use of mineral oil. They offer high pumping speed with compact dimensions and very low ultimate pressure, making them ideal for fine vacuum applications.

With mineral oilarrow_forward

Corrosive version (PFPE)

Prepared for operation with Pfeiffer Vacuum perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluids, these pumps offer high resistance to corrosive media. They are perfect for applications in CVD coating, wear protection, semiconductor technology and research and development.

With PFPE operating fluidarrow_forward

Magnetically coupled corrosive (PFPE) version

These pumps are extremely safe and offer a hermetically sealed design. They are also prepared for operation with PFPE operating fluids and ensure maximum operational reliability in corrosive applications.

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