Preventative product-related services


To ensure the reliability and performance of vacuum systems, regular service is essential. Precautionary, preventative maintenance and adherence to the intervals recommended by the manufacturer are thus important measures.

Insufficient or faulty maintenance can lead to the failure of vacuum systems and to production downtimes.

To avoid this, Pfeiffer Vacuum provides precise information on the correct use of products in its operating instructions, gives tips for simple but effective inspection options, and provides guidelines for service that can be done independently, such as, for example, filter or operating fluid replacement.

Matching maintenance for different market requirements
The following markets make use of different strategies and have varying service requirements. The primary differences have to do with the scope of services and the selected maintenance intervals. Pfeiffer Vacuum supports the customer in defining an optimum preventative service strategy, and offers a number of solutions.

  • Semiconductor, flat panel, solar, and coating industries

In the semiconductor, flat panel, solar, and coating industries, plant standstills can produce high downtime expenses. For this reason, preventative replacement of products in need of maintenance takes place most frequently in these markets. For seamless, quick replacement, a contact person in the near vicinity is needed. With over 60 service locations worldwide, the experts at Pfeiffer Vacuum ensure on-site support in service and product use.

Figure 1: Service of a rotary vane pump
Figure 1: Service of a rotary vane pump

  • Industrial applications

In industrial applications such as metallurgy and (freeze) drying, plant operators often have a stock of replacement products ready. This service strategy allows for quick reaction times in the event of damage or necessary maintenance. Besides independently stocking up on replacement products, there is also the option of access to Pfeiffer Vacuum’s pool of replacements. This includes a variety of refurbished and tested products. In this way, one can get fast help for upcoming maintenance or sudden, unexpected defects.

Aside from the replacement trade, more and more users rely on field service technicians. Under the premise that the products to be serviced are free of toxic pollution and flammable or explosive gases, the necessary work can be carried out directly on site. This can save time and costs. In certain cases, it is also possible to forgo the removal of products from the vacuum system.

Read more about this state of the art technology in the attached application report.

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