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ACG 600

Based on the multi-stage Roots technology, the ACG 600 is the result of over 20 years of experience in manufacturing dry vacuum pumping solutions. ACG 600 pumps provide all the benefits of clean and dry vacuum whenever particulate or oil contamination is an issue. A specific version is also available for the pump down of large chamber volumes > 1 m3.


  • Glass coating
  • Other coaters
  • General R&D applications
  • Cylinder evacuation
  • Foreline pumping of Roots pumps
  • Freeze drying
  • Leak detection systems

Customer value

  • Cleanliness: No risk of particulate contamination due to frictionless and oil-free pumping module
  • High performance: High pumping speed, low power consumption, low ultimate pressure, resistant to harsh cycling
  • High reliability: Based on multi-stage Roots technology, resulting in optimum up-time
  • Extended life time between maintenance: Typical four years interval between complete overhaul on clean applications, simple bearing replacement

Product description

  • For higher pumping speed requirement, the ACG 600 pumping group combines the ACP 120 dry pump with a Roots pump 600 m3/h
  • High pumping speed 560 m3/h
  • Standard version or G version for corrosive gas applications
  • Optional large volume option


ACG 600 G (Gas ballast) version

ACG 600 G version is suitable for pumping traces of corrosive or condensable gases.
  • Water cooled
  • Integrated Nitrogen gas ballast to protect the pump from corrosive or condensable gases
  • NW 100 inlet flange
  • Optional large volume version
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