Movement often needs to be transmitted by vacuum sealed manipulators or mechanical feedthroughs to push, rotate or tilt probes or components such as measuring and analytical equipment within the vacuum. Devices which have free flange connections on both sides and an open passageway are referred to as manipulators while components whose actuators are installed vacuum sealed in a flange are referred to as mechanical feedthroughs. The latter are characterized by their compact design. Manipulators may be combined with each other and expanded. In addition, mechanical feedthroughs can be fitted onto them. Thus a wide range of movements can be transferred into the vacuum and wide-ranging tasks can be performed.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a large selection of manipulators and mechanical feedthroughs for axial and lateral movements, for rotation and angle shifting. In addition to manually operated equipment we also offer motor drives for automated processes.

Manipulators at a glance

Manipulator flanges are subjected to sizable forces due to atmospheric pressure, particularly where large nominal diameters are involved. To ensure that flanges remain in a stable position even under vacuum, we place great importance on the inherent rigidity when designing our manipulators and optimize them by using the Finite Elements Method (FEM) in our calculations. Together with the installation of high quality mechanical components this means that movements are extremely precise, smooth and free of play with excellent reproducibility. The low wear also means higher reliability and a very long service life.

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