Seminars and Technical Training

Preventive maintenance for machines and systems enables production outages to be avoided, on the one hand, and production disruptions to be eliminated immediately and efficiently, on the other. This necessitates qualified, competent personnel.

Our technical training imparts the knowledge, skills and abilities that are specially required in connection with vacuum components and systems.

This introductory course imparts the theoretical and practical fundamentals of vacuum technology. Participation in professional seminars on the subjects of vacuum generation, leak detection, vacuum measurement and mass spectrometry offer an efficient opportunity for familiarization with the subject matter and for regularly refreshing special knowledge. In these courses, small groups of your employees will utilize practical exercises to gain the technical knowledge and professional skills and abilities that are necessary for operating and maintaining vacuum components and systems.

In addition to standard seminars, we also offer customer-specific seminars that are custom-tailored to your vacuum technology hardware and software configuration. Depending upon your wishes, the training can be conducted at our Training Center in Asslar, Germany, or in any location you may wish.

Utilize the opportunities that are offered by technical training to enhance the dependability of your vacuum equipment and production systems.