The vacuum experiment kit


Exciting experiments that inspire

The future of science depends on young people - this not only applies for universities and research institutes, but also, in particular, for high-tech companies such as Pfeiffer Vacuum. The corporate aim of achieving the highest quality, reliability and efficiency of its vacuum solutions not only applies to the here and now but also in the long term. Pfeiffer Vacuum has made this principle a commitment towards their customers. The promotion of young talent is therefore extremely important for the company, and Pfeiffer Vacuum is very active in this area. Against this background, the vacuum experiment kit was created in a project by the company’s young employees in collaboration with the Association of German Engineers (VDI). This kit consists of a unique educational and information offer that is intended to promote young people’s interest in science and technology.

Scoring with diversity
The diversity of the available experiments provides maximum flexibility and the opportunity to choose from thematic categories. The information relating to the individual experiments provides all the details necessary to easily understand the correlations. The difficulty and complexity of the experiments contained in the kit can easily be customized and extended. This allows the kit to be adjusted to the needs of different user groups and, in addition to schools and student laboratories, it can also be used at trade fairs and for training programs. The case was designed and manufactured by junior staff from various departments at Pfeiffer Vacuum.

Manfred Bender, CEO of Pfeiffer Vacuum, is excited about the vacuum experiment kit and its success: “The vacuum experiment kit is a great idea created by junior employees at our company, who have developed and implemented it all on their own. The goal is to experience vacuum and excite children about the ‘nothingness’ of vacuum. Anyone who has children knows: children are fascinated by experiments. And we totally succeeded in doing that.”

The complete package for school and research
The vacuum experiment kit contains a complete test set-up, a vacuum pump, and various experimental utensils from everyday life. These utensils can be used to carry out simple experiments that explain the subject of vacuum and its physical characteristics in a demonstrative way.