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Helium Shortage - Fact and Fiction

"When people talk about the world running out of helium – it’s not. It’s total fiction." _Phil...

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Vacuum solutions for Wendelstein 7-X

The world´s largest experimental fusion reactor of the stellarator type, “Wendelstein 7-X”, has b...

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Vacuum for tomorrow´s researchers

In a joint project with Coburg University and the Jülich Research Center, a total of thirteen hig...

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各种应用越来越需要易于运输且适合移动使用的分析系统。例如, 移动气体分析、质谱和泄漏检测被用于调查由道路和空中交通造成 的污染,用于分析水的质量,用于在机场检测爆炸物和毒素,以及 用于呼吸气体的...

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Solutions from Pfeiffer Vacuum for cancer therapy

A cancer diagnosis affects approximately 14 million people around the world every year and change...

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Impact of backing pumps on the vacuum system

In many applications, the maximum end pressure of a vacuum system is mainly traced back to the pa...

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