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The next generation of the efficient solution for gas analysis.

The all-new OmniStar® and ThermoStar® are compact benchtop analyzers for sample gases that are present at atmospheric pressure. They are the perfect complete solution for gas analysis, especially in chemical processes, in the semiconductor industry, metallurgy, fermentation, catalysis, freeze-drying and environmental analysis.

More compact and equipped with new technology
The now much smaller analysis systems consist of an inlet system, mass spectrometer PrismaPro, MVP dry compressing diaphragm vacuum pump and the HiPace turbopump. The gas inlet is equipped with a capillary which can be heated up to 350°C; in the OmniStar® it is made of stainless steel and the for ThermoStar® it is made of quartz glass. This prevents vapors from condensing during the process gas analysis. Thanks to the two-stage inlet system, a virtually segregation-free gas supply is possible.

Pfeiffer Vacuum OMNISTAR® Gas analysis system

PV MassSpec Software
Our proven mass spectrometer software PV MassSpec provides qualitative and quantitative analyses. The systems cover the mass ranges 1 to 100 amu, 1 to 200 amu and 1 to 300 amu.

Pfeiffer Vacuum THERMOSTAR® Gas analysis system

Selected advantages

  • Low detection limit (< 100 ppb)
  • 7'' color touch display or web user interface
  • Customized variants possible
  • Compact and portable device (total weight of approx. 23 kg)
  • Fast measuring time (up to 1 ms/amu residence time)

The new OmniStar® and ThermoStar® devices are expected to be available from February 2020.

Additional information about our new gas analyzers can be found in our brochure. For further questions, please contact the sales engineer responsible for you – the contact details can be found here.

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