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Intelligent, high performance Roots pumps for low and medium vacuum applications.

Due to the individual speed control, the Roots pumps of the innovative HiLobe® series offer a nominal pumping speed range of 520 - 2,100 m3/h and can be perfectly adjusted to customer-specific requirements. In general, Roots pumps need a backing pump adapted to the gas flow and which is suitable for the application in order to operate.

Higher performance and safety
The superior drive concept of the HiLobe® pumps can shorten the pump-down times by about 20 % compared to conventional Roots pumps, especially for rapid evacuations. The pumps are hermetically sealed from the atmosphere and provide a maximum integral leakage rate of 1 · 10-6 Pa m3/s.

Roots pump HiLobe® with housing

Low installation and operation costs
The HiLobe® series offers the lowest operating costs with the most uptime because only motors of efficiency class IE4 and optimized rotor geometries are used. Using purge gas is unnecessary in most cases due to the sealing concept, which in turn lowers operating costs even more. Cost-intensive water cooling is eliminated through the sophisticated air cooling concept, and the installation costs are reduced through the flexible installation position.

Roots pump HiLobe®

The intelligent interface technology of the HiLobe® allows optimal adjustment and monitoring of processes. The intelligent condition monitoring also guarantees a long service life and top operating safety.

The new HiLobe® series is expected to be available in small quantities starting August 2019.

More information about our HiLobe® pumps can be found in our brochure.
For further questions, please contact the sales engineer responsible for you – the contact details can be found here.

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