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Rotary vane pump according to ATEX provides explosion protection and operational safety

Explosions can occur wherever flammable dust and gases are produced or used. For ensuring the saf...

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Vacuum systems for mobile analytics

Applications increasingly require analytical systems that are easy to transport and are suitable ...

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The expression „water tightness“ leaves room for interpretation

The expression “watertight“ has established itself as a description for the features of parts and...

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Why Turbopumps have been called Turbopumps for the past 50 Years!

History When Dr. Willi Becker took over as the head of the laboratory at Arthur Pfeiffer GmbH ...

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Mass spectrometer inside the leak detector

Helium leak detection has established itself for many years as a method for testing the tightness...

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Pump down curves and their information value

For the known geometry of the vacuum chamber and pumps, a pump down curve can be calculated. Any ...

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