Freeze-drying of milk products


Pfeiffer Vacuum DuoLine used for the production of mare‘s milk granulate

The demands placed on preserving and extending the shelf life of food are becoming ever greater: the process should be gentle, should not alter or eliminate the ingredients of the food and should not require artificial additives. Freeze-drying under vacuum has evolved into an excellent preservation method that meets these requirements.

This method makes use of the physical property of water to pass from a solid straight into a gaseous state under vacuum. This process is called sublimation. During the freeze-drying process, deep-frozen foodstuffs are placed under vacuum and are dried there by supplying heat. This procedure induces that the frozen water in the food does not melt but is released as water vapor. This process is carried out at temperatures extending to far below -50°C and is one of the gentlest methods for drying food, as the changes to the product are minimal.

One of the most well-known products resulting from the freeze-drying method is granulated milk. Milk lasts longer in granular form and all its valuable nutrients are retained. Beckers Mare‘s Milk Farm in Leutkirch in the Allgäu region of Germany has been taking advantage of the freeze-drying benefits for 30 years for selling its mare‘s milk.

Read more about this state of the art technology in the attached application report.
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Mare‘s milk granulate manufactured by using the freeze-drying methodFig.1: Mare‘s milk granulate manufactured by using the freeze-drying method

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