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Sustainability initiative „Green Lab Fab“


Efficiency and resource conservation in production processes

In the manufacturing process of its products, Pfeiffer Vacuum does not only attach importance to advanced technologies and highest quality standards but also to energy and resource efficiency, as these are important features of the corporate philosophy. With the incorporation of these features in Pfeiffer Vacuum products, efficient solutions with significant cost savings can be provided to customers. But not only customers benefit from efficient and thus cost-saving production. Even Pfeiffer Vacuum’s own manufacturing processes should be as efficient and environmentally conscious as possible. Pfeiffer Vacuum takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and wants to optimally fulfill them in order to be able to guarantee a sustainable value chain to customers, starting with the very first link.

Filtration unit for sorting and recycling coolants, chips and production residues
Fig.1: Filtration unit for sorting and recycling coolants, chips and production residues

Combination of efficient products and sustainable production as a recipe for success
At Pfeiffer Vacuum, customers‘ interests constitute the largest and most important focus. Therefore, the improvement of efficiency and sustainable operation of the vacuum solutions for customers has so far been the top priority. In recent years, impressive progress has been achieved concerning this matter and product development has significantly expanded: For some time now, development projects have been carried out according to the „Eco Design“ approach. This means that the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle is considered right at the beginning of the development phase. At least three environmental aspects are optimized for each new project.

Read more about this state of the art technology in the attached application report.
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