Pfeiffer Vacuum

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Checking coating systems for leak tightness

After installing a new system or maintaining an existing one, leaks occur often. This is often du...

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Guideline for the Selection of Vacuum Pumps

Extraction and processing of raw materials, solar energy, freeze and transformer drying, medical ...

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Measures to reduce pump-down times in high vacuum

For rapidly reaching the final vacuum in a vacuum chamber, the material and the surface texture a...

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Leak detection – principles, use, methods

Global warming, climate change, the greenhouse effect - our modern industrialized lifestyle has a...

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Virtual leaks: formation, detection, and avoidance

A virtual leak is an apparent, unreal leak caused by the slow release of sorbed or occluded gases...

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Impact of backing pumps on the vacuum system

In many applications, the maximum end pressure of a vacuum system is mainly traced back to the pa...

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