Multi-stage Roots Pumps

The optimal solution for clean and dry applications

Multi-stage Roots pumps by Pfeiffer Vacuum produce clean and dry vacuum for various applications and markets.
Small ACP-Roots pumps create, for example, the required fore-vacuum for turbopumps in particle accelerators. Large ACP 120 pumps with their high pumping speed and low final pressure are used in freeze-drying applications. The A 100, A3P, A4 or ADH series dry pumps are used in large numbers as process pumps in the semiconductor and coating industry. All of these applications have one thing in common: they require a clean and dry vacuum.

The technology of the multi-stage Roots pumps is the perfect solution here. Its frictionless working pumping module does not require lubricants and sealing material between the rotor and stator. Thus, hydrocarbon vapor backstreaming can be avoided. In the suction chamber of the pumps, no sealing materials are processed. This means the pumps are free of particles, extremely reliable and stable for a long period of time which results in low costs of ownership.

Areas of usage for multi-stage Roots pumps in clean processes
Air-cooled multi-stage Roots pumps from the ACP series are very low maintenance and stand out with their constant performance. They are used in analytical applications as well as in clean processes for semiconductor production and plasma cleaning. The compact Roots pumps A 100 L and A 200 L can be easily integrated in systems due to their small dimensions.

Load locks and transfer chambers from semiconductor and photovoltaic production systems are typical areas of application for this type of pump. The multi-stage Roots pumps of the ACP 120 series with water cooling are produced of robust die cast metal. Just like the Roots vacuum pumping stations ACG 600, they are used in research and development, vacuum coating and metallurgy when high pumping speed is required.

Aggressive applications are not a problem
Multi-stage Roots pumps from the A3P series were developed for applications in medium duty processes of semiconductor and photovoltaic productions, in which slightly corrosive gases or condensation must be transported. The pumps are compact and energy-efficient. The low noise development and the low vibration level are outstanding characteristics of the series. The pumps of the A4 series with a pumping speed of up to 1,800 m3/h are made of corrosion resistant materials.

Media tolerability also with high gas throughput make these multi-stage Roots pumps the best solution for usage in CVD-processes in the semiconductor industry. The ADH series was developed specifically for applications in demanding processes of the solar, semiconductor and LED markets by offering high performance pumping speeds from 600 to 4,500 m3/h for both N2 and H2. The pumps offer enhanced safety due to an excellent resistance to static and dynamic internal stresses.

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