A3XN Series

The dry process pumps of the A3XN Series are designed to meet the requirements of corrosive medium duty processes, with reduced operating costs. Compared to previous pump technologies, energy savings of up to 50% are possible. The pumps integrate the most modern knowledge for process suitability. Furthermore, they allow a saving in space through its compact construction. This innovative technology allows reducing maintenance frequency and increases pumping lifetime. The cost of ownership is drastically reduced, as well as the tool downtime.

The A3XN range pumps are compatible with the previous A3P series.


  • Full corrosion resistance for increased lifetime and robustness
  • Up to 5 times longer lifetime on harshest corrosive applications
  • Small footprint thanks to compact construction
  • Reduced CoO with high meantime between maintenance and energy saving mode capabilities
  • Light weight for simpler assembly
  • High reliability in medium duty applications
  • Compatible with the requirements for semiconductor production
  • Extended monitoring functionalities for accurate control of pump operating conditions


  • Semiconductor industry (Etch, High K)

Designed for high reliability on corrosive medium duty processes
The dry pumps are distinguished through their high reliability for applications in medium duty processes, combined to exceptional corrosion resistance. The pumps from the series have a temperature sensor and inert gas flushing. A low noise emission and low vibration level are further characteristics of the A3XN series.

Dry pumps for the semiconductor industry
The dry pumps of the A3XN series are based on the proven multi-stage Roots technology. The inside of the pumps, with its Nickel coating technology, is highly resistant to corrosive gases. For this reason, the pumps have high reliability on corrosive medium duty processes.

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