Multi-stage Roots Pumps for Harsh Duty Applications

The dry process pumps of the A4 and ADH series are energy- and cost-efficient solutions for demanding processes in the semiconductor, coating and solar industries.

What are harsh duty processes?
Harsh processes are chemical processes used, for example, in the semiconductor and coating industries. These processes are harsh because primarily aggressive and corrosive mediums are used and processed under vacuum. These mediums have the highest requirements for the design and quality of the process systems. Typical harsh duty processes are etching, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD) as well as metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD).

Choosing the right version for your application
Two versions of the A4 range are available. A4H pump models are suited for all processes where non- or limited corrosive chemistry is present. For the most corrosive applications, the A4X pump models include corrosion resistant materials to extend their lifetime and reduce their cost of ownership. The pumps of the ADH range are the right choice for demanding processes that require high pumping speeds for both process gases, N2 and H2. Those pumps can handle large amounts of by-products and offer the highest level of safety for applications running explosive gases such as hydrogen and silane.

The right equipment is crucial
Since aggressive and corrosive chemicals are used in harsh duty processes, the vacuum pumps and components must be corrosion-resistant. In the applications of the semiconductor and coating industries, there is frequently an increased occurrence of powder, which may lead to accumulation in the vacuum pumps. Thus, it must be made sure that the process pumps in use are suitable for this amount of powder. In order to best avoid condensation inside the pumps, purge gas is used in combination with a sophisticated temperature management.

A4 process pumps by Pfeiffer Vacuum for harsh duty applications
With the A4 series, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers pump solutions for the most demanding processes of the semiconductor and coating industries. The series is based on the proven technology of the dry multi-stage Roots pumps. A high particle tolerance and condensation resistance characterizes the pumps of the A4 series. Their compact and modular construction allows for space-saving integration in existing systems. Long maintenance intervals and low energy consumption provide for low operating costs.

High performance ADH series dry pumps for the latest process applications
The ADH series was developed specifically for applications in demanding processes of the Solar, Semiconductor and LED markets by providing 600 to 4,500 m3/h pumping speed. The pumps offer the best hydrogen pumping efficiency for Solar (a-Si and μ-Si PECVD) and LED (MOCVD GaN, AlGaAs, AlGaInP…) as well as a high H2 pumping speed for semiconductor applications (ALD, Epitaxy and EUV) at the lowest operating costs.

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