Multi-stage Roots Pumps of the ADH Series

ADH Series

The new high-performance dry pumps for the latest process applications

The highest H2 pumping speed at the lowest operating costs
One of the biggest advantages of the ADH series is its high hydrogen pumping speed that allows for faster chamber evacuation between process steps. Combined with a large flow rate tolerance, this makes the ADH pumps suitable for the most demanding process specifications. Thanks to an optimized design, the pumps offer the best power consumption in the market at this level of pumping performance.

No intermediate maintenance
All bearings are oil-lubricated and do not need any on-site maintenance. An improved powder tolerance, condensation management and an idle mode help reduce operating costs.

High resistance to process by-products
The pumps are equipped with double temperature controlled water cooling circuits and integrated hot N2 purge to prevent powder accumulation or condensation. The powerful motor can handle big loads of powder and guarantees good restart capabilities. Upgraded with a completely new monitoring system the features of the ADH series help to enhance process reliability.

Robust and safe
The ADH series design and materials allow the handling of large static and dynamic internal pressure stresses. This ensures the highest level of safety for applications running explosive gases such as hydrogen and silane.


  • Up to 4,500 m3/h pumping speed
  • Comparable pumping performance in N2 and H2.
  • Same performance with 50 and 60 Hz power supply.
  • Low CoO due to low power and water consumption
  • High powder transfer capacity
  • Long maintenance interval thanks to lubricated bearings and high resistance to process by-products
  • Enhanced safety due to an excellent resistance to static and dynamic internal stresses


  • Semiconductor (ALD, Epitaxy and EUV)
  • Solar cells (a-Si and μ-Si PECVD)
  • LED (MOCVD GaN, AlGaAs, AlGaInP…)
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