Multi-stage Roots Pumps for Light Duty Applications

Light duty processes require a clean and dry vacuum. The multi-stage roots pumps by Pfeiffer Vacuum are the ideal solution for industrial applications and Research & Development.

Dry pumps for light duty processes
Based on the proven technology of the dry multi-stage roots pumps, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide selection of high power pumps for light duty processes. The most important characteristics for pumps in these applications are a high pumping speed and robustness as well as high reliability.

Air-cooled multi-stage roots pumps from the ACP series
The multi-stage roots pumps of the ACP series are designated for oil- and particle free applications in the pressure range between atmospheres up to 3 · 10-2 hPa. The air-cooled pumps are the optimal replacement for rotary vane pumps when used in residual gas analysis systems, electron microscopes or UHV-systems. They are ideal as a roughing pump for turbomolecular pumps.

The specially developed G version of the pumps is designed for the transportation of traces of corrosive gases. This version of the ACP series is recommended for transfer chambers, process monitoring systems and ion beam applications. The CV version of the air-cooled ACP series has a water vapor capacity of up to 1,000 grams per hour. It is designed to avoid steam condensation in the pump block.

ACP 120 G and ACG 600 G for industrial applications
Based on the tens of thousands of semiconductor process pumps installed worldwide, the ACP 120 G provides the advantages of the multi-stage roots pumps in industrial applications as well. The water-cooled pump can be obtained as a standard version for light duty applications as well as a purge gas version for slightly corrosive processes or for pumping down condensable mediums. The ACP 120 G can be combined into different pumping stations with roots pumps. The roots pumping station ACG 600 G may be the basis of a completely lubricant-free pumping system for vacuum solutions in the decorative or tool coating.

The compact dry pump: the A 100 L
The compact dry pump A 100 L was developed for the cost-saving integration in semiconductor production systems. The multi-stage roots pump is suitable for usage in clean rooms and can replace external pumps with a significantly higher pumping speed. Through variably adjustable speeds in the standby mode, the power consumption of the compact dry pump A 100 L can be additionally lowered.


  • Load-lock
  • Transfer chambers
  • Sputtering
  • PVD
  • Metrology
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