Multi-stage Roots Pumps for Medium Duty Applications

The dry process pumps of the A4H and A3P series are energy- and cost-efficient solutions for demanding processes in the semiconductor, coating and solar industries.

What are medium duty processes?
Medium processes are chemical processes used, for example, in the semiconductor and coating industries. A medium process is more aggressive than a light one because of by-products generated in forelines or directly inside the pump. Medium duty excludes processes which use high amounts of corrosive gases. Those medium duty applications could require high pumping speeds, medium inlet flow or medium powder management. Typical medium duty processes are stripping or Etch and CVD processes in 200 mm Semiconductor fabs.

Choosing the right version for your application
A4H and A3P pump models are suitable for all processes where non- or limited corrosive chemistry is present. Those pump models also exist in Nickel coated versions (X and XN), but H and P versions are a cost saving offer to run on medium duty.


  • Low operating costs
  • High energy efficiency due to multi-stage Roots technology, high efficiency motors and limited use of electrical heaters
  • Small footprint
  • Light weight for simple assembly
  • High reliability in medium duty applications
  • Compatible with the requirements for semiconductor production
  • High particle tolerance increases tool uptime
  • Extended monitoring functionalities for accurate control of pump operating conditions and idle mode capabilities


  • Semiconductor industry (etching, implant, PVD, ...)
  • Photovoltaic
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