A4H Series

A4H series dry pumps to address medium semiconductor and coating applications
Medium duty processes in semiconductor and coating production always required vacuum features and strong design for vacuum pumps. Based on the proven and energy efficient multi-stage Roots technology, the A4H series offers a wide range of seven dry pump solutions, with different pumping speeds from 100 to 3,000 m3/h. The A4H series is fully compatible with pumps from predecessor series. You have the choice: We offer three pump models (A 124 H, A 604 H, A 1204 H) dedicated to non-critical applications and five different models (A 204 H, A 804 H, A 1504 H, A 1804 H & A 3004 H) for more demanding applications.


  • High energy efficiency due to multi-stage Roots technology, high efficiency motors and limited use of electrical heaters
  • Wide operating temperature range protects the pump against precursor cracking or condensable deposition
  • High mean time between failures and low cost of ownership
  • High particle tolerance increases tool uptime
  • Extended monitoring functionalities for accurate control of pump operating conditions and idle mode capabilities
  • Semi S2-0712 and UL 61010 compliant


  • Semiconductor industry (Etch, PECVD, SACVD, ALD, ...)
  • Coating industry: Photovoltaic & LED

The optimal solution for demanding processes
The dry pumps of the A4H series, featuring high gas throughput and improved particle tolerance, are optimal for demanding processes in the semiconductor and coating industries. The pumps are equipped with an extended temperature management covering low & high operating temperature to prevent by-product build up or cracking within the pumping stages. Combined with high temperature precision bearings the result is an enhanced process reliability. The pumps are compliant with Semi S2 and UL 61010 standards.

A4H series: The most energy efficient solution for CVD process
Thanks to its multi-stage Roots technology & high efficiency motors, the A4 series features one of the lowest power consumption under process operation. In combination with idle mode capability and user friendly rotational speed adjustments, the usage of these dry pumps supports optimum operating costs reduction.

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