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CombiLine™ WD

In applications where a high flow rate is required, the pumps DuoLine series can be combined with the OktaLine series Roots pumps in modular design with numerous options.

Product description

  • Designed for reliability, performance and ease of maintenance
  • High pumping speed for fast evacuation times from 220 up to 1,800 m3/h
  • Higher pumping speeds on request

Customer value

  • OktaLine series Roots pumps are combined with two-stage rotary vane pumps DuoLine series
  • Due to the unique magnetic couplings of the OktaLine series and the DuoLine series there are permanently gas tight pumping stations available, e.g. valuable to pump noble gases
  • Mounted and piped together on a robust common framework
  • Optionally, each pumping unit is also available with switch cabinet and PLC


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