Comprehensive range of accessories for our rotary vane pumps


Condensate separators protect the pump against process fluids and against condensate backflow on the intake side. Cold traps prevent oil vapor backflow on the one hand, and also protect pumps and operating fluids from corrosive vapors by freezing them out. Activated carbon filters protect against gaseous inorganic substances such as acids or lyes. Dust separators filter the gas flow to remove particles that could cause damage in the narrow pump slits. Adsorption traps prevent backflow of oil into the vacuum equipment; they have to be regenerated at regular intervals. Catalytic traps have the same purpose as adsorption traps. The difference is that they do not adsorb oil vapors, but instead split it into water vapor and CO2. The service life is therefore longer than that of adsorption traps.
Oil mist eliminators prevent oil mist from exiting the outlet and thus ensure that the exhaust air is clean when no exhaust gas system is available. Most oil mist filters can be connected to an oil return line. This is then used to return separated oil to the pump. Activated carbon filters can be installed in combination with oil mist filters at the outlet in order to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust gas. Condensate separators prevent condensate backflow to the pump.
The pump monitoring accessories increase the operational reliability by warning the user against critical operating statuses. The operations monitoring unit for UnoLine and DuoLine(tm) can be connected to sensors for measuring operating fluid temperatures, fill levels and exhaust pressure. Oil pressure switches help with the system integration. They provide a signal for the 'pump running' or 'pump not running' operating statuses. Operating fluid level switches warn if the pump is about to run dry. The operating fluid temperature switch has been developed for HenaLine and warns against impermissible operating temperatures. The pressure monitor for the cooling circuit of the UnoLine Plus monitors whether cooling water is present. The PT 100 resistance thermometer is used to monitor the operating fluid temperature of the UnoLine Plus.
Mains cables are used to connect pumps with single-phase motors. The PTC resistor tripping device evaluates the temperature-dependent resistance on pumps with three-phase motor. This increases the operational reliability, as impermissibly high temperatures are detected. The soft starter is required for operating the Duo 35/65 M. It limits the motor torque in order to protect the coupling against overload.
Operating fluid filters increase the service life of operating fluid used in demanding applications and thus ensure low cost of ownership. In processes with a particle load, mechanical filters are used to remove the particles from the operating fluid. If corrosive gases are also present, a chemical filter should be used.
Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a range of valves for adapting the rotary vane pumps. The gas ballast section contains solenoid valves for remote control of the gas ballast, as well as retrofit kits. Electro-pneumatic angle valves and venting valves are required for UnoLine Plus pumps that do not have an integrated safety valve

The products from our comprehensive range of accessories enable Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pumps to be ideally adapted to your process. Accessories for the inlet side protect the pump and operating fluid from process media, thereby ensuring low operating costs. Through the use of accessories for monitoring pumps, unfavorable operating states can be identified and failures prevented. Electrical accessories help to incorporate rotary vane pumps in systems and plants.

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