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Single-stage Rotary Vane Pumps

With its pumping speeds from 25 to 760 m³/h, the HenaLine range covers virtually all applications in industry and coating technology. The UnoLine Plus is the pump of choice for processes with a very high content of condensible vapors, such as transformer drying.
SmartVane pumps are single-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane pumps that have been specially developed for the high requirements of mass spectrometer systems. They are characterized by the outstanding intelligent frequency converter and their design, which ensures that no oil leaks occur. Pascal and UnoLine stand out with their extremely low final pressure. This puts them on a par with two-stage pumps in many applications.

Single-stage rotary vane pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum have long been some of the most widely used products for processes in the low and medium vacuum range. Their long life and pumping speed, irrespective of the gas used, are the outstanding properties of this pump.

Typical applications are found in widely ranging sectors:

  • Analytics (mass spectrometry, electron microscopy)
  • Coating technology (surface protection, decorative films, display units, monitor screens)
  • Vacuum metallurgy (vacuum soldering, vacuum sintering, vacuum alloys, furnace construction)
  • Leak detection technology (vacuum systems, automotive tanks, airbag cartridges, packaging)
  • Lighting industry (light bulb manufacture)
  • Drying industry (vacuum drying, transformer drying)
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