Accessories hybrid bearing Turbopumps

Accessories hybrid bearing

Power supplies for optimum electrical supply of Pfeiffer vacuum products. Minimum physical size and matching electrical supply rating offer maximum reliability thanks to tested safety. Control and display units for setting and monitoring the operating parameters of Pfeiffer Vacuum products.
Various mains cables afford a secure and suitable connection. Other lengths upon request.
Turbo Control Power (TCP). External drive units for HiPace pumps via connection cables.
Accessories for safe and secure venting of the HiPace turbopumps. For secure processes and maximum reliability.
HiPace turbopumps afford meaningful control of backing pumps. Pumping station control is effected via TC 110, TC 400, TC 1200 and TM 700 as well as TCP 350. Parameter setting with DCU. Process adaptation performed in interval mode.
The comprehensive range of accessories expands the application possibilities, while providing maximum operational reliability.
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