HiPace® 300

Compact yet powerful turbopumps with pumping speeds of up to 260 l/s for N2

Product description

  • Maximum reliability in a compact design
  • Maximum reliability through monitoring of operating data
  • Available with multiple electronic drive unit options
  • Suitable for industrial environments - Protection class IP54
  • Semi S2 and UL/CSA certification

Starter kits for turbopumps

  • Easy installation for quick application and operation
  • Components optimally matched for real “plug and play”


  • High pumping speed and maximum compression for all gases
  • Ideal for all standard applications

High compression

  • Maximum compression capacity, particularly for light gases
  • Ideal for generating ultra-high vacuum


  • Process-oriented, insensitive to dust
  • Ideal for coating and semiconductor processes and dust-sensitive industrial applications such as electron beam welding machines


  • Extremely low vibration
  • Low magnetic stray field
  • Ideal for high-sensitivity analyzers, such as electron microscopes
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